Engaging Your Team to Win the Heart of Every Customer.

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More than 70% of what makes a customer experience great is the behavior of frontline employees. Great behaviour doesn’t happen without inspiration and accountability. This requires a bottom-up approach, not the typical top-down corporate method. The challenge is not uncovering some new customer insight; the problem is getting your frontline to do what they already know more consistently.

Leading Customer Loyalty is a one-day work session for frontline managers to learn the principles and practices needed to win the hearts of employees and customers. Managers leave with a clear understanding of how to model, teach, and reinforce empathy, responsibility, and generosity.

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"Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers." Stephen R. Covey

  • Make genuine human connections.
  • Listen and communicate with empathy.
  • Discover the real "job to be done" for customers and employees.
  • Follow up to learn how to improve and resolve concerns.
  • Give and receive feedback that builds people up.
  • Inspire the team to share their best thinking and ideas.
  • Run effective loyalty team huddles.

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