The Leader in Me (Grades K-6)

The Leader in Me is a whole-school transformation model and process-developed in partnership with educators-that empowers students with the leadership and life skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. It is based on principles and practices of personal, interpersonal and organizational effectiveness, and upon the powerful premise that every child possesses unique strengths and has the ability to be a leader. The Leader in Me helps students learn how to become self-reliant, take initiative, plan ahead, set and track goals, do their homework, prioritise their time, manage their emotions, be considerate of others, express their viewpoint persuasively, resolve conflicts, find creative solutions, value differences, and live a balanced life. The process helps students develop the skills and self-confidence they need to lead their lives and succeed in school and beyond. The Leader in Me utilises and integrates several leadership, social-emotional learning, quality, and educational models and processes from past and current thought leaders. The Leader in Me includes training on establishing a vision for the school, goal setting, data tracking, and personal-accountability systems and is aligned with best-in-class content and concepts practised by global education thought leaders. The Leader in Me provides a logical, sequential, and balanced process to help schools proactively design a culture that reflects their vision of their ideal school. The Leader in Me differs from other whole-school transformation processes in that it offers a holistic, schoolwide experience for staff, students, and parents, and creates a common language and culture within the school. The leadership principles and lessons are not taught as a curriculum, but instead are incorporated into coursework, traditions, systems, and culture.

The Leader in Me (Grades 9-9)

FranklinCovey's whole school transformation process for middle schools is called LEAD. Based on the same leadership principles and tools of The Leader in Me, it customizes the process for middle schools staff, teachers, and students. The Leader in Me and LEAD both seek to:
  • Create a culture of trust and caring
  • Empower students to lead their own lives, and make a difference with others
  • Provide students tools to better achieve goals
  • Develop student voice
LEAD is being implemented in middle schools across North America. In some cases, Leader in Me schools feed into these middle schools, and in other cases LEAD is the students' first exposure to leadership development.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (7-12)

Based on the best-selling book by Sean Covey, the Introduction to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Workshop helps students practically apply personal leadership principles to the tough choices they face every day. Utilising relevant interactive exercises, plus humor and videos, students will laugh while they learn how to gain greater control of their lives and build relationships high in trust. The 7 Habits for Teens training is a means for educators, administrators, and parents to build students' self confidence and interpersonal skills, elevate student achievement, and reduce school-wide discipline problems. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens may also be integrated into school curriculum over the course of a semester.

Junior/ Senior Year College Prep Course

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students is taught to juniors and seniors in high school seeking to prepare for college. The course provides students with the skills, tools, and mindset they need to succeed in college and prepare them for a successful career. Sean Covey and eight other leading academic experts authored this textbook, which covers not only the 7 Habits, but key skills in college such as critical thinking, how to write a college paper, using the college library, etc.

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