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Generate behaviour change at scale.

Best-in-class content + technology

Your All Access Pass® subscription gives your learners on-demand access to our Impact Platform, where our world-class content solutions are available on-demand.

Built with the learner in mind, the Impact Platform is a streamlined way to absorb and apply content to make measurable progress on skills and capabilities. 

FranklinCovey’s easy-to-use technology guides learners through a variety of learning experiences that may include a 360 Diagnostic, an Impact Journey, and reinforcement to ensure lasting behaviour change. The platform automatically handles application challenges and reminder emails to help keep learners on track.

With powerful content to fuel development and increase skills and capabilities, learners can create lasting change that reverberates positive growth from the inside out.  

Introducing The FranklinCovey Impact Platform

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The FranklinCovey Impact Platform helps to solve every L&D professional’s main pain points – application and reinforcement. It enables me to drive more impact in my role, reaching more people in more meaningful ways, all while creating an integrated experience for learners and leaders.

— VP Talent Development, Financial Services

Impact Platform Benefits

  • Powerful Content With Flexible Approaches

    Our principle-centric content fuels development to increase learners’ skills and capabilities. And with flexible delivery modalities including Live-Online, Live In-Person, On Demand, and Microlearning—our content meets learners where they are. 

  • Measurable Outcomes for Clients and Learners

    Ouplatform shows a clear return on investment for clients and learners. Measurement of learner activity, progress, engagement, enjoyment, and efficacy provides actionable data for strategic learning and development decisions.  

  • Easy to Operate, Easy to Consume

    Our simple but powerful platform is easy for admins to operate and for learners to follow. Content is found, assigned, and consumed with the click of a button all at once or spaced over time. 

  • Change Behaviour, Don’t Just Check a Box

    Our platforms are designed to provide deep and lasting behaviour change. Our easy-to-use technology motivates learners to complete intentional application through clear benchmarks, engaging content, safe practice environments, and then applying learning in the real world. 

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