Leading Hybrid Teams

After a forced period of working remotely, expectations for how to get work done have shifted.

How can we combine the best of two worlds—remote work and co-located work? The challenge for hybrid leaders is to create an environment in which all team members volunteer their best efforts and highest energy. These leaders need to know that quality work depends on quality of life. They need to be purposeful about what work gets done together, and what work gets done individually. The best hybrid leaders will deliver stronger results and ensure that team members thrive at work wherever they are.

Introducing Leading Hybrid Teams

FranklinCovey’s new solution equips leaders with the skills and tools to get work done in a hybrid world. This session is ideal for someone leading a team where some members are in-person or co-located while other members are remote.

In this interactive Live-Online work session, participants will get practical and relevant guidance on how to lead and manage hybrid teams.


  • Remote team members feel isolated and disengaged.
  • People struggle with how to balance remote work and co-located work.
  • Leaders continue to manage by using time as the currency of work. Flexibility is a reward, not a right.


  • Leaders are intentional about equity, and they respect, value, and include every team member
  • Leaders are purposeful about what gets done together, and what gets done individually.
  • Leaders agree on expectations with team members and give them the freedom and flexibility to do quality work.


These three focus areas will help leaders to:

  • Create a greater sense of belonging so each team member wants to bring their whole self to work.
  • Strengthen communications so team members and team leaders are clear, aligned, and able to pivot.
  • Balance flexibility with accountability so people have freedom to get things done in ways that work for them.

Delivery Option

Leading Hybrid Teams is available as a Live-Online work session to be delivered by a FranklinCovey consultant.

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