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Our Approach

FranklinCovey aspires to be the world’s most trusted provider of solutions that help organisations execute their strategy.

Our unique approach includes an execution system that’s been refined through more than 4,000 engagements. It includes a methodology and powerful technology that supports and reinforces the right kind of behaviour change. A single metric—the Execution Performance Score (XPS)—lets you track progress in real time across your whole organisation.


Partner With FranklinCovey to Achieve Your Business Results

We help you identify strategic goals, apply everyone’s collective energy toward these goals, and track progress in real time. 

Our solutions drive a unified, relentless focus and action around your most important goals so you can turn sporadic performance into a system of reliable results.

  • Define strategic goals and set clear targets.

    As senior leaders adopt FranklinCovey’s execution methodology, they:

    • Identify strategic goals that aren’t being reached through existing processes.
    • Translate each goal into a clear target with a starting line, a finish line, and a deadline.
    • Build commitment by crafting a narrative to communicate the goal — and why it matters — to every person and team.

    RESULT: Everyone understands and commits to strategic goals.

  • Apply everyone’s energy toward your strategic goals.

    As leaders at every level adopt FranklinCovey’s execution methodology, they:

    • Translate each strategic goal into a set of clearly defined targets and activities.
    • Create collective action by turning each goal into a winnable game with a highly visible scoreboard.
    • Hold themselves and their peers accountable for weekly commitments.

    RESULT: Everyone knows exactly what they need to do each week to move the organisation closer to the finish line.

  • Measure your people’s progress in real time.

    As teams use FranklinCovey’s technology to track their progress toward weekly targets:

    • Performance improves in a consistent way across the whole organisation.
    • Managers can quickly identify which team members need support or praise.
    • Leaders can instantly see how teams are progressing toward each strategic goal.

    RESULT: Everyone continues to apply their best efforts to the activities that matter most and achieve their organisation’s strategic goals consistently.

Incorporating The 4 Disciplines of Execution® Into Your Organisation

4DX® Implementation

Over 4,000 client implementations and a proven track record of case-worthy results in every industry. Learn how to bring the 4DX system into your organisation.

Strategy Alignment

One of the most significant barriers to superior results in any organisation is chronic inconsistency. Learn how you can engage with FranklinCovey to bring focus to your organisational strategy.

4DX Software and App-Based Tools

Clients utilise 4DX® OS to track commitments and weekly accountability sessions to ensure they are on target to reach their breakthrough results.

4DX Metrics and Measurement System

How to measure the energy and engagement your organisation is putting against your key strategic target and how teams are progressing against that breakthrough result.

Execution Coaching

FranklinCovey offers best-in-class coaching services to help your organisation execute on critical strategies.

Keynotes and Speaking Engagements

Our 4 Disciplines subject matter experts cover topics from executing on your organisational goals to organisational change, sales transformation, and more. Book your customisable keynote now.

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Access all of FranklinCovey’s content, whenever and wherever you need it — plus expert consultants and technology that supports lasting behaviour change. 

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