Achieving Results in Unpredictable Times

Achieving Results in Unpredictable Times

Resources to help you thrive in times of change.


Achieving Results in Unpredictable Times

In times of great uncertainty, leaders are faced with one of two choices. Freeze to the point of inaction, allowing uncertainty to damage culture, performance, results, and significantly slow a return to greatness. Or, transform fear into engagement, execute with excellence, use the uncertainty as a time to actually increase trust, and help everyone in the organisation prepare to do more with less.

We created this site to provide leaders with tools and resources to help them navigate and lead their organisations through unpredictable times. Over the past three decades, we have assisted hundreds of thousands of leaders, across tens of thousands of organisations, to improve execution, increase trust, do more with less, and transform culture.


Weekly Webcast Series

Join FranklinCovey Australia & New Zealand’s top thought leaders as they share unique and enduring insight to navigate turmoil and uncertainty to achieve your highest and best results in the midst of rapid change.

Equip your leaders with the tools and resources to help them navigate through unpredictable times by joining our weekly webcasts.


Move With the Speed of Trust, by Stephen M. R. Covey

In this time of change, crisis, and all-around uncertainty, the greatest asset and security any leader has is their credibility. The greatest currency they have is the trust people have in them. The greatest power they have lies in how they choose to extend their trust to others.


Executing in Uncertainty and Complexity

Bestselling author and strategy execution expert Chris McChesney outlines how the 4 Disciplines of Execution® can help keep you as a leader drive results even during uncertain and ambiguous times for your organisation. Learn how to clarify goals and take the complexity out of achieving them.



Execute Your Most Important Priorities With Excellence

It is imperative to narrow focus to the few most important priorities that will make the biggest difference. Everyone in the organisation must understand these priorities and how their daily work connects. With clear goals, strong alignment, and a system for daily focus and accountability, the best organisations make rapid progress even in very uncertain times. Is everyone in your organisation clear on the most important priorities? Do you know if their daily actions align with those priorities?

Leverage Four Principles to Execute in Times of Change

The hardest thing a leader will ever do is drive a strategy or plan that requires a change in human behaviour. It’s even more difficult in turbulent times. Learn key behaviours that enable leaders and organisations to execute on their Wildly Important Goals®.


Execute Your Strategic Goals and Create Breakthrough Results

Learn about a set of principles designed to help leaders consistently achieve breakthrough results. This guide will help you get started on achieving your goals.


Achieve Breakthrough Results in the Midst of Your Whirlwind

Join this on-demand webcast, with Chris McChesney, Wall Street Journal #1 bestselling author, as he provides proven insights on implementing practices designed to help leaders consistently achieve breakthrough results, especially in times of change.



Increase Trust to Increase Speed

In low-trust environments, friction grows, speed slows, and cost increases significantly. The combination of slow speed and high costs is a killer and will greatly diminish the ability of your teams to come up with new innovative ways to work, serve customers, and come together to navigate internal and external uncertainty. Do you have pockets of low trust in your organisation that may slow you down when you can least afford it?

Move With the Speed of Trust, by Stephen M. R. Covey

In this time of change, crisis, and all-around uncertainty, the greatest asset and security any leader has is their credibility. The greatest currency they have is the trust people have in them. The greatest power they have lies in how they choose to extend their trust to others.


Are My Remote Employees Actually Working?

Leading remote teams is new to many people. While you’re stressing out about whether your people are actually focused and working, your people could be stressing out about whether you trust that they are working. High trust leaders create clear expectations and trust their people to deliver.


Be Inspired: Instead of falling victim to financial disaster, Frito-Lay exceeded expectations.

Economic recession, inflation, and unpredictable weather conditions caused massive price increases in Frito-Lay’s supply chain. They had to move quickly to change their business model. The Speed of Trust had prepared them with a new perspective and skill set to manage through these unpredictable times.



Achieve More With Less

More than ever, you need your people to be both effective and efficient. There is no time for wasted energy or for people to invest resources on the things that will have the biggest impact. As most of your people have gone home to work, are you confident they have the tools necessary to focus their time and energy on the tasks and projects that will have the biggest impact?

Learn to Focus on Your Top Priorities

Employee productivity is always top of mind for organisations. It is even more so in times of change and uncertainty. Productivity expert Kory Kogon shares how to manage your productivity by rewiring your brain for focus, intentionality, and engagement.


Be Inspired: See How Mississippi Power Was Able to Thrive During Times of Change

When Hurricane Katrina struck, Mississippi Power was prepared to respond in proactive ways because they’d woven 7 powerful principles of human effectiveness into their culture.


8 Ways to Manage Remote Team Members More Effectively

You’ll need a different approach to help remote workers thrive. In most cases, you’ll need to work extra hard on your management fundamentals, plus make some special, remote-friendly adjustments.



Transform Fear Into Engagement

The combination of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty come together to stifle productivity, innovation, and engagement. The best leaders help their people move quickly through the change cycle. As a result, they actually achieve greater levels of engagement in times of uncertainty. Have you appropriately equipped your leaders and your people to thrive?

Achieve Results in Times of Change Webcast

For 30 years, Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® framework has helped organisations improve their business outcomes by building a culture where highly engaged employees work together to solve problems creatively.

Watch our webcast to learn how organisations around the world are applying these principles to achieve results.


8 Ways to Better Manage Ambiguity and Uncertainty

Here’s the tough truth for managers: You’ll never achieve perfect clarity and control of your work. But you can learn to manage the anxiety, frustration, and confusion that typically arise in uncertain situations, and grow more confident in your ability to act despite having limited information.


Stress Management

In times of change and uncertainty, everyone feels stress. Learn three key energy drivers—sleep, relaxation, and connection—and tactical ways you can reduce your stress levels.



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