Role 4: Coach Potential

Build leadership in others.

Effective leaders develop the leadership potential in others and improve performance through consistent feedback and coaching. When leaders coach potential, they move from solving problems by telling others what to do to developing other leaders and building team members’ capacity.

Leaders coach potential by using feedback, practicing key coaching skills, and implementing the Coaching Framework.

  • Feedback: Giving frequent feedback is an important way to reinforce great work, intentionally build team culture, and help improve performance.
  • Key coaching skills: There are three key skills to use when coaching: listening, questioning, and acknowledging. These three skills help leaders set aside their agendas, explore options, and build capability.
  • Coaching framework: The Coaching Framework begins individually with personal preparation and continues with the coach and coachee working together through the four steps: clarify, learn, explore, and commit.

Whole-Person Paradigm

Effective leaders see people as whole people who are inherently capable. They have a coaching mindset that moves away from telling others what to do, to empowering others to discover solutions themselves.

  • Body: Pay, benefits, working conditions
  • Mine: Challenging and interesting work
  • Heart: Relationships, connectedness
  • Spirit: Meaning, purpose, mission
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Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly they come to see it in themselves.

— Dr. Stephen R. Covey

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The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership®


Trust starts with a leader’s own character and competence—the credibility that allows leaders to intentionally build a culture of trust.


Effective leaders create a shared vision and strategy, and communicate it so powerfully that others join them on the journey.


Leaders must not only think big, but also execute their vision and strategy all the way through to completion, with and through others.


Effective leaders develop the leadership potential in others and improve performance through consistent feedback and coaching.

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